Listening to My Body: A guide to helping kids understand the connection between their sensations (what the heck are those?) and feelings so that they can get better at figuring out what they need.


Big emotions can be overwhelming! Children need help to understand and express what they feel.




Listening to My Body is an engaging and interactive book that guides children through the process of naming their emotions and the physical sensations accompanying them. Teaching kids to tune into their bodies and name their feelings is a foundation for emotional regulation.

From wiggly and squirmy to rested and still, Listening to My Body helps children develop a sensations vocabulary to help them express what they are experiencing. It includes kid-friendly “Let’s Practice” activities throughout the book so children can practice what they’re learning.

Listening to My Body is a wonderful social-emotional tool for parents, counselors, and teachers!

(Available in Spanish as Escuchando a Mi Cuerpo.)