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Our program aims to enable children to achieve their maximum potential, providing a secure, immersive online experience led by fully accredited and highly trained teachers.

Our Teaching Team

Empower your children to reach their full potential in a safe, immersive online environment guided by qualified teachers.

Rebecca Marie Joyce


Melissa Yuen

Year Level 1/2

Payal Prasad

Year Level 1/2

Samantha Brumpton

Year Level 3/4

Danni Taylor

Year Level 5/6

Kimberley Pimlott

Year Level 5/6

Liana Tosun

Maths & Humanities
Year Level 7/8/9/10

Analia Solis

Year Level 7/8/9/10

Sally Addison

English & Humanities
Year 7/9

Tom Love

Year 9

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